Pixel Play

This project is more a testing ground for working with image files, It features numourus image editing tools but is generaly pretty rough around the UI and has not been cleaned up of errors or made user very friendly. Your welcome to mess around with it and may notice some of the features are actualy pretty usefull and can be done faster then other more formal image editors.


  • Program packaged as a portable app that can be copied to the desktop or other continent location of any machine.
  • Can edit .png, .icon, .bmp & .jpg images.
  • Can Resize, Rotate, Flip, Round Corners, Add Text, Crop, Blur, or Adjust Brightness of images.
  • Features 3 Tones, Black and White, Sepha, and my 'find lines' function.
  • Can undo last change.
  • Selectable background window color so you can see image edge clearly regardless of its color.
  • Main window can be fadded to view image over top of other windows for color and size relationing.

System Requirements



Network ConnectionWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8
.NET Framework 4.5


Pixel Play v2.0.0.0 (Latest)


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