Print Tool Pro

A feature rich print mapping solution designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind. This is a more formal project that I started after running into too many limitations on expanding a legacy print mapping tool created by myself and a co-worker years earlier to fill a need for one of our customers. This tool has been adopted and deployed into use as the primary end user print mapping solution by multiple companies with very positive feedback. Give it a try and let me know what you think, I love getting feedback both positive and negative and often try to work good ideas into new builds.


  • Program packaged as a portable app that can be copied to the desktop or other continent location of any machine where you can right away begin managing printers across your network.
  • Manage client side printing and print hardware from a single application, no more struggling between multiple windows and applications.
  • Designed to make managing remote clients printers quick and easy, Don't have people spinning their wheels wasting their time and your money on simple repetitive tasks.
  • Rely on the known success of Microsoft's PrintUI.dll supported across all platforms and windows devices.
  • View, Add or Remove network printers on remote systems inside your network, Even perform large scale printing changes across multiple machines simultaneously including remote print spooler restarting.
  • Import large lists of remote clients with ease and make a large selection or print queues spread across an array of servers available for mapping.
  • Search for a specific printer from hundreds or even thousands of print queues across numerous servers with ease by queue name or port IP address.
  • Initiate a report builder and let the program create a spread sheet of all available print queues across all known print servers, or create a spreadsheet of all printers mapped to all known clients.
  • Enable logging and save any and all actions performed in the program to a log file for quick reference of past changes.
  • Create a printer batch from scratch or clone an existing machines printers and one click add an assortment of desired printers to one, two or hundreds of clients at a time.

Executable Arguments

With version and above support executable arguments (switches) that you can use on launch to change settings. Note that using arguments does not save the settings for future launches, and you should be sure to download the latest version to ensure all arguments listed below are supported.

  • /mm:[y,n]   •   Enable manual server entry mode, yes or no: If yes this will remove the server dropdown and allows free text entry of a print server. If no this will leave the drop down populated via the Print Server Manager.
  • /sc:[y,n]   •   Show Commands, yes or no: If yes this will enable the command display in that status bar at the bottom of the application window, if no it will leave it off.
  • /wel:[y,n]   •   Welcome Message, yes or no: If yes this will enable the welcome startup message that opens when the application is first launched, if no it will disable the message.
  • /log:[y,n]   •   Application Logging, yes or no: If yes this will enable applicaiton logging, if no it will leave it disabled.
  • /sof:[y,n]   •   Skip Offline Machines, yes or no: If yes this will skip machines entered if they don't respond, if no it will allow them to be added anyway.
  • /ser:[y,n]   •   Show All Errors, yes or no: If yes this will force prompt of all handled errors, if no it will supress non critical errors (use for troubleshooting.)
  • /servini [File_Path]   •   Pre load print servers + a file path: If a file path to a valid server list ini file is specified the applicaiton will load that ini into the server manager on launch. The file path must be in quotes if it includes any spaces.
  • /remlog [File_Path]   •   Enables remote logging (a new feature in v1.0.2.0) and points it to the location of the log file weather it be on the local drive or a network drive/share. The file path must be in quotes if it includes any spaces. /log switch gets ignored if this is present.

Example: PrintToolPro_1-0-2-0.exe /mm:y /sc:n /wel:n /remlog "d:\mydeptshare\ptpremlog.txt" /servini "c:\servers\printservers.ini"

System Requirements



Network ConnectionWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8
.NET Framework 4.5


Print Tool Pro v1.0.3.0 (Latest)

Print Tool Pro v1.0.2.0

Print Tool Pro v1.0.1.30

Print Tool Pro v1.0.1.29

Print Tool Pro v1.0.0.2


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