NetScope Pro

A network IP range scanning utility, simple and easy yet powerful and quick. Can't find that device you just powered on but don't remember the name of? want to know exactly how full your IP range is at the moment or what IP's are still free? Want to make sure nothing is on your network that you don't want? scope it with NetScope Pro.


  • Program packaged as a portable (EXE) app that can be copied to any host computer or share on your network where you can right away begin scanning right away.
  • Multithreading capable so it can scope multiple ip ranges simultaneously drastically improving performance.
  • Saves to the universally supported CSV file format.
  • Export data into a CSV that can be directly imported into BackData Pro to begin collecting more targeted data about the devices that were just found.
  • Simple and easy to use with many features and UI shared from our popular BackData Pro project.
  • In app update checking.

System Requirements



Network ConnectionWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8
.NET Framework 4.5


NetScope Pro v1.1.0.3 (Latest)

NetScope Pro v1.1.0.2


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