BackData Pro

A network based data collection utility built for asset management, inventory and environment analysis purposes. Enter workstation/server hostnames or IP addresses manually or via import from file, specify the data your looking to capture and some application parameters and set it off to collect. Let it run until all data is retrieved or until after just a few attempts. View collected data from within the tool or export to text/csv for review in any standard spreadsheet application. The real strength behind this tool is inventory, little is more important than knowing what you have in your environment and this tool can bridge the data gap were many others fail. This application replaces the now ended System Seeker Project.


  • Program packaged as a portable (EXE) app that can be copied to any host computer or share on your network where you can right away begin querying systems and collecting the data you need.
  • Multithreading capable so it can query systems simultaneously improving performance 5 times over.
  • Can query 40 different data points ranging from IP address, hardware serial number, current users, operating system, Hardware Make and Model, Installed Software (name, version and install date) and much much more with each new update bring in more data collection options.
  • Can rationalize the results data into formatted individual machine reports or generate organized template based spreadsheets (3 supported templates) to produce highly valuable and understandable data on your environment.
  • Optional IP based location look ups, just map a CSV file with IP addresses and location description (free text) and this tool can look up the systems IP and apply the correct description into the results data & reports.
  • Can run continuously or a set number of loops (attempts at the list of machines.) Can specify time delays between seek loops, or between each seek (individual query) to ensure your network bandwidth is not impacted.
  • Data rationalization and report building enables you to export the data you have collected into a formatted spreadsheet report. One such example of the real mussel here is that with nearly zero man hours you can produce an easy to read spreadsheet report of all the applications present in your environment and the systems they reside on.
  • Can Manage connection timeout limits and partial connection exceptions so you get every bit of data available and limit wasted time on unresponsive or slow machines.
  • Initiate RDP connection, UNC (file) connection, System Management and pings or initiate a remote system reboot from within the application.
  • Can "Run Once" on a selected machine for specific fast look ups.
  • Built to fully utilizes the highly supported Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) query's.
  • In app update checking.

System Requirements



Network ConnectionWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8
.NET Framework 4.5


BackData Pro v1.4.0.2 (Latest)

BackData Pro v1.4.0.1

BackData Pro v1.3.1.2


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