About creis.ink

creis.ink is the brand that I place all of my digital projects under. Since the late 90's I've worked on computers, starting with creating simple websites or fan sites for hobbies I enjoy. As I got older it turned into the way I choose to identify my products to my customers. Its pronounced "C" "Reese" "Ink" where ink is a kind of a nod to my younger days of ink drawing odd characters and buildings on my homework during school lunch or recess.

This website hosts some of my more presentable projects including software I've written and websites I've developed. I update it every so often but more so when I have enough time away from my day job to work on creisink project.

About Me

My name is Chris, I'm in my 30's and work in information technology. I've been in the I.T. field for more than 15 years; starting very early with small web development projects but moving on with companies in the areas of Software Development, Aerospace, Medical, Server Hardware, and Services/consulting doing anything from Data center operations, large scale automation software and application development. I like reaching out to small businesses to offer help with their web presence at no cost. It give me new challenges and experience but also helps out companies that otherwise might not be able to afford updates or services. Technology has always been a passion of mine and I think when utilized correctly anything is possible.

Outside of IT I'm an automotive enthusiast/home mechanic. I like to take on rebuild projects and performance tuning of both modern and classic cars. I started working on cars in high school and enjoy going to club meets, shows, cruises, auto cross and track day events. I also really enjoy woodworking and general home improvement projects.

Video Games

I can't leave out gaming, Growing up we always had a computer in the house although never the latest and greatest I always enjoyed loading up some games and getting immersed. Gaming has been a big part of my life and I don't see that changing to much in the future. Though I don't have nearly as much time as I once did I still like to sit back and get some time in, recently PC wise I've been into Planet Coaster and CS:GO. I have spent countless hours on Roller Coaster Tycoon (I/II/III) and CS/CS Source back in the day so it fits right in for me.

Some of my past favorite titles include the GTA series, the Madness series published by Microsoft including Midtown Madness, Monster truck Madness, and Motocross Madness, Leadfoot (stadium off-road racing), The Sims (I/II) and further back; Commander Keen, Street Rod, Wacky Wheels even Tetris. I was the kid in high school that got CS 1.6 installed on a bunch of computers in the lab so we could have a LAN over lunch, I also managed to get Tribes 2 on a bunch of computers in another lab so we could play that as well, it was great fun though I did get in a bit of trouble for it.

As for consoles; I was always a generation or so behind, I had an Atari 2600 but did not really play it much and did not have a ton of games, I really got into it with Super Nintendo and spend countless hours on N64 games many of which I still have like Mario, GoldenEye, International Superstar Soccer, RUSH, Diddy Kong Racing and many more. I currently have a PS3 and a few games for it like GTA 5, Just Cause II and Grand Turismo 5/6 but its more a Netflix player than anything else these days.