A place to share some of my software development projects, get valuable feedback on their usability and hopefully fulfill someones needs.

Little is more important than a free an open Internet; I think most people don't understand how much of the 'Internet' they rely on every day and what it would mean to them if net neutrality was gone and the Internet were to be controlled by a select few 'for profit' companies. Please take a few moments of your time to do some research and decide how you feel about the issue. If you would like to support it there are many ways to help (none of which cost you anything but a little time.) The best of which is to reach out to your local representative via email or phone; Weather you get through to someone or not the attempt does not go unheard.


Hardware Projects!!

I like to break away from the computer every so often and work on other things. I added a Hardware Projects section to show some of my woodworking and other projects, formatted as a light guide with progress pictures, tool and supplies lists, tips and details etc. Some will even include downloads of 3d models or plans. Give it a look if you're interested.

Hardware Projects Page

Does it feel like a Friday when its only Thursday?

I created a new Web Project to collect and play with data, work with a lot of data and build metrix from it. Have you ever felt like the week was just flying by? or maybe it was going really slow? I had a conversation at work not too long about about this and several people felt that although it was only Tuesday it felt like Thursday or Friday. When I got home I asked my wife and she felt the same thing, only a couple days had past but if felt like the weekend was long ago. I though it was interesting that a bunch of people agreed so I created a website where people can enter in the day it feels like to you and see if there are a lot of people that agree. Its in the early stages but after enough entires I can start working with the data.

Another Monday Webpage

New Project: Net Scope Pro v1.1.0.2

Released a new project today, its a tool I've been using for a while informally but finally wrapped it up a bit nicer and decided to put it out here. This program lets you scan IP ranges and returns any devices it finds along with the IP, hostname (netbios name,) domain, response time and IP range it was found on. Its great for locating devices you don't know the exact hostname or IP for as well as just seeing what is out their on your network. It can even export the data into a CSV formatted so that you can directly import into BackData Pro and being collecting more specific data. This is an active project and more features are planned for future releases so check back here or run an update check from within the application every so often. As always, let me know what you think, I really like getting feedback on my tools (Both positive and negative) as well as hearing your ideas as to how to make it better.

Project Page

New Version Release: Back Data Pro v1.4.0.1

Released a major update of the BDP program, enabled multithreading capability allowing it to simultaneously seek up to 5 systems at once making it 5 times faster. The program manages system seeking autonomously to ensure the best possible performance, also re-worked offline system detection and client performance negotiation to improve seek speed as well. Major UI improvements and features including searching, highlighting results and filtered reset or deletion. Re-wrote the details view with more features and ability to query any additional data needed directly from the view. Implemented seek logging so you can review any errors that occurred during data query which allows you to troubleshoot problems directly. Last but not least added local printers to the query-able data points bring it to 40 total points of data that can be queried. Over 100 hours of development and testing went into this update, Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Project Page

creis.ink Moved to new host & PHP

I'm in the process of moving creis.ink to a new host and a new development platform, this will take some time and during the transfer some features on the site will not be available. for any issues please report a bug for the site under the support tab. I'm working most every night to get all the features back online as soon as possible. I'm very exceeded to get the site moved and have a number of big project updates to release when the site is completed, so check back soon!

BIG NEW PROJECT RELEASE: BackData Pro v1.3.1.2

A network based data collection utility built for asset management, inventory and environment analysis purposes. This new tool is a huge leap over the now retired System Seeker project which introduced the idea to much success. BackData Pro can query for over 35 points of data against an array of workstations, servers or other machines running Windows. With that data it can generate reports, provide management utilities and even rationalized or aggregate the data into spreadsheets for easy review. This first public release is very feature rich and been put through the paces to ensure a quality product and an amazingly valuable tool for any I.T. professionals toolbox. Grab a copy and put it to work saving you time and money. This new project is fully supported so please report any bugs you find and if you have any ideas, thoughts or comments don't hesitate to sent us an email, Happy Seeking!

Project Page

New Version Release: Print Tool Pro v1.0.2.0

Released a major update of the PTP program, re-wrote the logging feature from the ground up stream line it a bit but mainly to support remote logging. This new version can no log events to a manually selected location. A big reason for this is that when using the print tool on many machines you were never really able to use the logs because it would only contain them for the machine your on. Now you can set it to a network based location and log all tool events to the same place. Also with this is a new logging interface with filter tabs for each event type and a executable argument to specify the remote log path. This build also includes fixes for user reported bugs and some minor updates/issues found with the printer batch manager.

Project Page

New Project: Batch Image Resizer v1.0.0.0

A relatively old project I did but one that has been very helpful since I started it. This program can re size and set of images to any resolution you like. It can keep images in the correct scale or skew them as much as you want. Image file types can be changed to most the common image encoding. Build to process as fast as possible and loose as little quality as is possible. This program just works and does what it does well, if you re size images for posting to the web, social media or just to save file space this tool can save you tons of time. Check it out!

Project Page